Top 7 Amazing Future Smartphones | concepts 2030 -2050 !

#1. Modelname : Fluid 
Philips Fluid is a amzing future smartphone . This phone designed by Brazillian designer Dinard da Mata .This phone would be an beautiful OLED that can bend into something that fits on your wrist but  this  feature phone isn’t made for use on  your wrist . Production year : 2030 but not fixed clearly .
(image : Pinterest )
Model name : Pulse
EmoPulse is a  amazing future smartphones  . This future smartphone look type of paper . Features : 3D screen , 3.0 Usb , storage : 256 Gb . Cost : $550.00 but isn’t fixed .
(image :

# Nokia 2030
Model name : 2030
Nokia 2030 is a future smartphone project . This phone will be made by Japanese pupolar electnic company “Nokia” . Features : 3D screen , Keypad , internet , hotspot , wifi etc .
( image : )
#Iphone pro concept 
Name : Iphone Professional
Brand : Apple
This is a future smartphone by apple and this  phone speacially made for photographers. This iPhone PRO concept by Jinyoung Choi phone concept . This phone  isn’t provided perfect features  but it is a really interesting concept.
(Image : google )
#Tron Phone
Name of the phone : Tron 
This is a amazing future smartphone concept by tron .This phone was designed by Andrew D. Morgan and inspiration from the Tron Legacy film but it is a beautiful concept .
(Image : IG )
Name of the future phone : Modai 
Modai is a beautifu and amazing  future smartphone project/concept by modai team . This phone was designed by Julius Tarng , this future smartphone will be supported Android operating system . Production year : not fixed .
(Image : modai )
Kambala is a future amazing android smartphone , this smartphone look like a paper . You can put this smartphone in ear too . This smartphone will become the thinnest smartphone ever .

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