Top 4 Amazing and Awesome Facts About of Internet 2018

 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Internet
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#1. Only 50 grams Weight of  Internet 

This amazing facts about internet , The weight of all the electrons in motion that make up the internet at any one moment is equivalent to 50 grams, according to Vsauce, a YouTube channel .

#2. 51% of all internet’s traffic is Fake

Humans only make up 49 to 50 % of the entire traffic; the rest are triggered by various bots and spamming software.  51% traffic of all internet traffic is fake , because millions of website used traffic generator ,  traffic bot software  but some websites gain millions of traffic through Advertisement . 

#3. 70 millions visitors per day

According to BBC News , 37% of the internet is made up of pornographic material. Many of those people who quoted the figure took it from a press release put out in June 2010 by net filtering firm Optenet.  Adult websites Across 70 millions visitors per day .

#4. 120000 +  Domains Registered Every Single Day

This amazing facts of internet . Why millions of domain registered every single day : One  reason behind : Domain selling business ( like : ) . That translates the number to a whopping 120,000 Domains every single day and 43 Million domain names a year. The greatest irony is that more than 75% of Domains are not live.

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