Top 3 Amazing Video Sharing | Monetization Platforms


#1 Facebook Creator 

Facebook launched new video sharing and monetization platform , Which is known as Facebook Creator . Join with your Facebook , Create your Creator Channel or page . When this happens, it gives video publishers a monetization platform with generous revenue sharing. Not to mention billions of precisely targeted eyeballs to get in front of. Where everything will be like subscribers, channels, same types of YouTube .Facebook offers video creators 55 to 60% of ad revenue in their pilot program .

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#2 BrightCove

Brightcove is a popular video sharing and monetization platform , monetize your videos earn money online . Publishing with its Video Marketing Suite works great for lead generation. Live streaming , create video content , channel , subscribing is also supported. It even accounts for SEO factors and social media sharing.
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#3 DailyMotion

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(Image credit : DailyMotion)
DailyMotion is a best alternatives of YouTube , it is another Video hosting and monetization platform . Let’s just call Dailymotion France’s and other European countries answer to YouTube. Afte-rall, it is straight outta Paris, and one of the leading video platforms in the world.  Live streaming , create video content , channel ,video and site  monetization , subscribing is also supported.

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