Earn Money With Facebook| Twitter | Google Plus Without Investment !

Earn Money With Social Media | don’t waste your time !

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#1. Facebook 

Now offers the Facebook app or blog moniteration feature , Join Facebook Audience network today , it’s work like Google Adsense . create Your android or iOS application and monitize with Face Audience Network  Or Create a beautiful mobile website add facebook ads on your website earn money with facebook .

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Other option : 

Create a business Facebook page and sell your Facebook brand, company etc. Start affiliate marketing with Amazon or other third companies and promote  affiliate products  links on your Facebook page .

#2 Google Plus and Twitter :

Create short links for your blog link with adfly, shringlink or other third percentile. Publish/promote your advertisment/affiliate product  links to Googe Plus, GitHub, Pinterest and Twitter. Pay attention; – Facebook does not have permission for advertiser link, so you can not publish advertisement links.

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